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A proper ventilation is a vital requirement in any place you stay or work. Many people complain about the muggy or stuffy air in their homes or garages; this condition is due to improper ventilation. There are many buildings and residential areas that also face the issue of high humidity levels in seasons. For dealing with such problems and maintaining a good airflow, you can invest in an air ex-changer. As the name says, this appliance helps in pulling out the muggy air and allows the fresh air to enter the room. The air ex-changer also helps in maintaining the levels of humidity by pulling the stale air out.

Best Air Exchangers for Homes

Installing a good air ex-changer is beneficial as it aids in proper ventilation and also regulates the temperature indoors. It can be used in summers to keep rooms fresh and even in winters by increasing the setting for humidity and keeping the place warm. For winters you can also use radiant floor heaters along with air exchangers to maintain the temperature inside your house. There are many options of such ex-changers available in the market today. To make it easy for you to find out the ideal one, I have made a list of best air ex-changer which is stated below. Check out the alternatives and select the one that fulfils all your criteria.

 1. Tjernlund X2D Air Exchanger

If you are searching for an excellent quality air ex-changer and dehumidifier, then this is the one for you. It operates on 40 watts and has a dehumidifier that can be switched on or off as per the requirement. The ex-changer can be installed with ease in a garage or a basement through a rim joist or wall. It consumes less energy compared to other ex-changers available in the market. So if you are looking for an ex-changer that you can fit anywhere in your home, you can go for this alternative.

Key featuresTjernlund X2D Air Ex-changer

  • The air ex-changer helps in dehumidifying the air and ventilates the crawl spaces.
  • It can be used in workshops, garages and storage areas to ensure proper ventilation.
  • The exterior hood of the ex-changer has a removable screen.
  • It can be used in winters for heating the rooms as it also includes magnetic covers.
  • The ex-changer is equipped with two CFM fans to exhaust the musty air and freshen up the room.


2. Fantech AEV 1000 

Fantech is one of the trusted brands when it comes to durable and sturdy appliances. The Air ex-changer helps in providing proper ventilation in the home or places like workshops, garages, sealed places, etc. It is designed to maintain the flow of fresh air in the room, along with exhausting the stale air. This appliance is the best buy for both winter and summer season. It can help in warming up the place in the cold as well as dehumidifying the air during the hot months of the year.Fantech AEV 1000 Air Ex-changer

Key features

  • The ex-changer can be installed in any position with ease. You can install it yourself or ask any professional for the installation.
  • The washable synthetic filter in it is easy to clean and get rid off the dirt.
  • It can provide airflow up to 68 cfm, which is suitable for homes with one or two bedrooms.
  • The intensity of the ex-changer can be changed as per the preference and environment. There is a switch on it that can be used to keep the ex-changer is low, medium, or standby mode.
  • As it comes with remote control, the user can change the settings of ventilation from low to high.


3. Aldes E110-TF – Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) 

This product is best known due to its high efficiency for latent heat recovery in the given spaces. At a given price point, this product is one of the best air ex-changers on the market today. It is specially designed for smaller or compact spaces. People living in apartments or condos can benefit by using this air ex-changer. It is equipped with a twist in collars, non-dust loading impellers and snap-out motors. The ex-changer can be used in summers as well as winters. The dual motors in it help in increasing its efficiency.Aldes E110-TF

Key features

  • This air ex-changer can provide on-boost ventilation for the bathroom.
  • It consumes less energy and is certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI).
  • The ex-changer also has an automatic timed exhaust defrost that is activated by the sensor when the temperature goes below 14 degrees F.
  • It heats the air coming inside by using heat recovered from exhaust air in winters. In summers it transfers moisture to the air to keep the environment cool.


4. BAL 25110 Airport Air Exchanger

If you are searching for an air ex-changer to install it the RV permanently then this alternative is suitable for you. It continuously exchanges the indoor air with fresh outdoor air. The ex-changer helps in maintaining the optimum temperature in the space it is installed. The design of the ex-changer ensures that the passing air does not mix with the fresh air. It also aids in transferring the temperature of the exhausted air to the fresh air to regulate the temperature inside.BAL 25110 Airport Air Ex-changer

Key features

  • The air ex-changer comes with one port air ex-changer unit, two exterior and two interior vents, duct, a 12 switch and duct. 
  • It aids in getting rid of allergens and stale air in your living space.
  • The air ex-changer can be installed in the RV as well as homes.
  • BAL airport air ex-changer helps in shortening the time for out-gassing construction material toxins such as formaldehyde in the RV and maintains good quality air.


5. Aldes H95-TRG Air Exchanger

The last option in this list is also from Aldes brand. They have various models for air ex-changers, but this specific one is suitable for the people who live in compact spaces. The core of the ex-changer is made from Expanded polystyrene, which is non-porous. This core doesn’t trap moisture like the other ex-changers, which help in avoiding the growth of molds. It is equipped with dual motors that are electronically balanced. The ex-changer has non-dust loading impellers and snap-out motor decks. Aldes H95-TRG Air Ex-changer

Key features

  • The heater is efficient in providing heat recovery in small living spaces.
  • There is an automatic-timed re-circulation for defrosting in the winters.
  •  It has removable collars that can be attached to the duct and can be used for connecting ducts properly.
  • The ex-changer provides ventilation for bathrooms also by selecting the on-demand boost ventilation function.


Concluding Remarks

Air ex-changer is a good investment for all seasons as it helps in keeping the air fresh. I have included air ex-changers for all types of places. If you are living in a compact apartment, then you can opt for the Fantech air ex-changer. BAL airport air ex-changer is an excellent option for your RV. You can choose the one that is suitable for your place. Make sure to go through all the specifications and features in detail before making the purchase.

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